Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired

Ralph Lauren silk slip

Madewell dress

Dittos flare jeans

Wide leg jeans

Topshop high waisted swimsuit
$53 –

Reebok shoes

Miss KG flat sandals
$100 –

Black handbag

Pendants necklace

Emi Jewellery red necklace
$19 –

Illesteva sunglasses


Circle the Stripes

Circle the Stripes

Tommy Hilfiger blue striped shirt
$135 –

Red polka dot top
$70 –

Dolce Gabbana white trousers
$1,645 –

Tibi pants

My latest obsession is Shamir


So, I was recently introduced to Shamir. I’m now hooked- just say I’m sorta of a analog girl in a digital world (I’m a bit late on the uptake)!

I was quite intrigued by his style and then came his voice.  I’m very much a sucker for originality and Shamir defines that trait like no other.

His lyrics are both raw and simple, yet thought provoking touching on prejudices, love, acceptance and life. ..  The lad is one of the biggest pop stars of 2015 — an androgynous, super-charismatic pop star who has “no gender, no sexuality, and no f*!@# to give.”

The 20-year-old Las Vegas native recently premiered “Call It Off,” the single off his album, Ratchet.  If you don’t recognize the name Shamir, you might recognize the  song, “On the Regular,” from Android commercials.  Shamir hails from the burbs of Las Vegas- “Northtown” which happens to be the name of his first EP.  He has the kind of voice that defies genres — his charm is simply BAD ASS in my book.

Watch “I’ll never be able to love” video-

My favorite song is “DARKER”.

The first few bars are…

We’re just shells
That are dwelled
But our souls blow
Would you knew what you shouldn’t said
But for love we leave
Is our legacy
So we’ll keep at the light
And our memory
Because it doesn’t get darker
Unless you expected to….

I say “Amen” to that!

For his new album, Ratchet, Shamir signed with XL Recordings, which is a no brainer for his future as a musician.  XL, a London-based label, is a major player in the music scene of London and America. XL houses artists like FKA Twigs, Adele and Jack White.

All things unique and damn extraterrestrial, his voice played over the vintage drum machine ranks up there with Frankie Knuckles (the Godfather of House music) or Prince, is what makes him an eargasm.

Before his new found stardom he was just a high school kid with a appetite for his craft . He was in a punk band called Anorexia in high school.

Shamir- is a certified BAD ASS, just DOPE on a rope. This summers dance floors are sure to be rocking out to “Hot Mess” and “Rachet”.

shamir1 Shamir2 shamir3

Get it, got it, GOOD!


Aisha Keys

Craze Chameleon Studio, LLC





Hey there vintage fashion junkies- It’s finally here!

What? you may ask…..

It’s my new website. Visit us at

You can ask me questions, send me questions, see testimonials, see what’s happeninig with me…I’ll still be blogging. As a matter of fact? I have a hefty load to lay on you later. I want to thank all my followers, clients, friends and family for your continuous support. A special shout out to my brother from another mother, Thomas Holmes who designed my website (it was an experience, thanks for listening to me).

I look forward to you all joining me on this mission to build my brand. This summer has brought about many community projects – I’m excited for future projects working with Red Sprinkle Fashion Boot Camp, Black Girls Unscripted, Strive DC,  Greg Taylor- Designer and Skyland Workforce Center! Stay tuned for my journey and happy summer.

Everyone lives the sunshine….

Everyone lives the sunshine....

Urban Renewal vintage dress

Hailey Logan white dress

Ariella short dress
$155 –

Helmut Lang dress

VILA maxi dress
$71 –

Zara dress

Maxi dress

Pierre Hardy sandals
$365 –

High heel shoes
$110 –

Flat shoes

Yellow shoes

FASHION & FUN….Meet Julien of It’s Julien


GAP @ Tysons Corner

7906 Tysons Corner Center

22102 McLean , VA

United States

Meet Julien Garman (It’s Julien, I love her and I believe you will, too) on Thursday, June 4 as she hosts the event at the GAP in Tysons Corner from 6-8 PM.

Bring the girls and guys for a fun evening of music, swag bags, catered snacks, drinks and discounts. You know those who would benifit from this, so SHARE!


Aisha Keys

Craze Chameleon Studio, LLC



FASHION….The Tulle Box & The Shoe Hive POP-UP at SHERMAN PICKEY


Sherman Pickey

1647 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

20009 Washington , DC

United States

It’s time for those much needed vactions.

Head to Sherman Pickey  on Wednesday, June 3 to get styled for the season. Stylist and Wardrobe consultant Alicia McCaslin of The Tulle Box and Elizabeth Todd, owner of The Shoe Hive (in Old Town) are coming to Sherman Pickey with an evening of great wardrobe suggestions and SHOES!

For more information and to purchase a ticket, click here.


Aisha Keys

Craze Chameleon Studio, LLC