Funky Finds For Valentine’s Day Under $100

Funky Finds For Valentine's Day Under $100

3 4 sleeve dress

Pleated skirt

High heel shoes

WithChic pointy-toe pumps
$45 –

Topshop sandals
$72 –

Topshop nude sandals
$72 –

Heels & pumps
$36 –

I RED a good book…

I RED a good book...

Long coat

Ralph Lauren sequin skirt

Alberto Guardiani black ankle boots
$460 –

Lulu Guinness zipper pouch
$165 –

Handbags tote

Nothing beats a copy but an ORIGINAL

Nothing beats a copy but an ORIGINAL

Alexander Wang pattern sweater
$270 –

MANGO grey tee
$14 –

Diane Von Furstenberg crepe jacket
$415 –

Pocket coat

Print palazzo pants
$705 –

WithChic high rise skirt
$29 –

Timeless orange flat shoes
$30 –

River Island floral tote bag
$67 –

Letter jewelry

Emi Jewellery collar jewelry
$5.13 –….feelosophy


Hey life junkies! I like to plan. I’m a planner and a planter.

KEYS101: Everything starts as a seed. That’s the first law of the harvest.

Every achievement started as a dream seed. America started as an idea seed of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your life started as a seed — when your father’s seed was connected with your mother’s egg, your life began. Literally everything that’s living on planet Earth came from a seed.

A seed is anything valuable that you give away. When you give away praise, there’s value to that. When you give away good advice, there’s value to that. When you give away your time, there’s value to that. When you give away your money, there’s value to that. When you share your experience to help other people, there’s value to that. When you give your love away, there’s great value to that.

It all starts as a seed, whether it’s your time, money, appreciation, wisdom, or energy.

Your words can also be seeds that you plant in people’s minds. They grow, and they bear fruit. So you need to choose your words wisely, especially when you’re talking with people that you love, like your children, your husband, your wife, and your friends.

Let me ask you this: What kind of seeds are you planting in your relationships? Are you planting seeds of trust, or are your planting seeds of distrust? Are you planting seeds of kindness, or are you planting seeds of crankiness? Are you planting seeds that build up, or are you planting seeds that tear down?

Remember: You will reap whatever you sow.








Topshop t shirt

MANGO t shirt
$14 –

Lanvin blazer
$2,035 –

Roksanda cocoon coat
$3,265 –

Mary Katrantzou pink coat
$2,500 –

Moschino jacket
$2,045 –

Darling blue jacket
$93 –

Rodarte short shorts

Dolce Gabbana black skirt
$360 –

Miu Miu skirt
$905 –

Proenza Schouler pants
$640 –

Moschino bracelet
$170 –

Cat eye sunglasses
$305 –

fashion. fun.feelosophy. The man-bun….


Hey fellas- 

So, I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile.

Ladies, how do you feel about your man wearing extensions? Don’t be judgemental, now! 

Well, here’s the latest craze.. Clip-in-man-buns. For the fella who has it all except long hair… I’m a bit weird and have been told I was quirky, too. I love it. I believe you should look and feel great about yourself by any means necessary.  I change my hair like some people change they’re underwear…daily. I have an arsenal of wigs and hair pieces. 

Check me out.. 

I guess we can rest assured I like my denim, too.

Men go for it. Count my vote in.