Volume 1 VFJ


CCS presents Vintage Fashion Junkie  “Obsessed, Addicted & Committed” a new blog child in cyber-world.


What is a fashion junkie ?


One who looks to the streets and runways to personalize their own style.  However, never exercising any rules- “only what fits best”


One whose wardrobe expression creates a daily character, although never costume like


Simply put a Chameleon – need I say more!


I hope this blog inspires everyone to be a “new you everyday”.

Here are a few key elements:  be fashion forward, edgy and timeless all at once.

Make it your lifestyle. Own it.


That means walk to a different beat everyday. Try a new mode of transportation to or from work. Go to Borders and get lost in the power of words or the local library (Mayor Fenty has renovated most of DC libraries). Wear that orange sweater you still have tags on (even if you think it doesn’t suite u, b creative with styling). Try a new approach to resolving a problem. Take in a foreign movie even if you can’t read the subtitles.  Say “swell” even when you know your right (wink)…. Change is the only constant in life.


I. Obsessed: fixated, fanatical, passionate

VFJ latest obsession: PEOPLE, PLACES OR THING

People: Willow Smith is a pint- size pop star, designer, and great hair whipper..

Bet you all didn’t know she designed her outfit she wore to the Karate Kid premier.

Her favorite designer is Dolce & Gabbana. She pays homage to the duo through her own designs and style. This has been the go to House of most pop stars.

This is why Willow Smith is my latest obsession.


II. Addicted: enthusiastic, captivated, keen

VFJ latest addiction: Is Miss Candra Palmer for she is a shoe goddess!


Meet Candra Palmer…

AFTER LEAVING CORPORATE AMERICA to follow her passion for embellishing and designing shoes, Candra Palmer found out that pursuing one’s dreams often means making sacrifices–in her case, a much tighter budget. But she was pleasantly surprised to find that skills she’d learned as a child from her seamstress mother not only helped her stay on trend and on budget, but also generate revenues.

Palmer officially launched the custom shoe business, Artyce Custom Footwear (www.artyce.com; 310-838-7463), in October 2004 from her living room, naming the company after her mother. The 32-year old along with her two employees have been designing a lucrative future for Artyce Custom Footwear. For 2008, the company raked in $400,000 selling personalized flats, boots, sandals, pumps, and platforms in silk, satin, leather, and exotic skins including stingray and python.

You go, Missy! Check out her site and get on with making your dreams reality.

I’m on it.



III. Committed: dedicated, loyal, and devoted

VFJ latest commitments: APPEARANCES by ME, EXHIBITS



Catch me at Eastern Market@7th an Penn on the playground (Hine Jr. School)  every Sunday.


This Sunday, December 5th, I will showcase outerwear.  See you soon.  Bringing you one of a kind vintage clothing.

Don’t forget you can make an appointment for my one on one styling services or personal shopping.

Contact me at crazechameleon@hotmail.com or Call 2024604552

Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm



SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 (VFJ in the house)

METROPOLIS (my #2 go to booth)
RIGHT TO THE MOON ALICE (my #1 go to booth)

///the STOLL SPACE at 250 WEST 39TH ST., NYC (btw 8th & 7th Ave, I’m surer)

$10 entry fee, it worth it.

To get discount admission go to http://www.manhattanvintage.com


VFJ presents your Vintage Vixen this month Betty Davis

Before there was Rihanna, Kelis, or even Grace Jones, funk music pioneer Betty Davis had cornered the market on cool, punky-alien Black girl style. Between 1972 and 1975, she released three psychedelic funk/rock albums — “Betty Davis,” “They Say I’m Different” and “Nasty Gal” — that are revered by music afficionados and record collectors for their impossibly funky, shockingly sexual lyrics (Davis was way before her time).

Her music was genius, but her style might even have had a further reach: Her science fiction-esque getups, thigh-high boots, hot pants, animal skin leotards and buckets of fringe and feathers can be seen all over today’s runways!

Betty Mabry got her start as a model in the ’60s, posing for Ebony, Seventeen, and Glamour, and in 1968, she married Miles Davis. Her way-out-there aesthetic and impeccable musical taste was a great influence on the jazz icon — as well as on her good friend, Jimi Hendrix — and she’s credited with being Davis’ muse for his classic album, “Bitches Brew” (allegedly, he wanted to call it “Witches Brew,” but she convinced him to change it!). After divorcing the icon a year later, Betty Davis decided to launch her own musical career, working with musicians from bands like Santana and Sly & the Family Stone.

Even though Davis’ albums weren’t commercial successes, her cult status earned her the moniker ‘High Priestess of Funk.’  But for us, it’s all about her bold, unabashedly sexy, take-no-prisoners style. Go ‘head with your funky self, Nasty Gal!


Fashionably yours,








About crazechameleonstudio

Craze Chameleon Studio established in 1999 by founder Aisha Keys, a native Washingtonian, is one of the must vintage clothing collections in D.C. At the age of 23, her distinct fashion style turned the heads of many people on the streets of D.C., thus propelling her into a career as a personal shopper and fashion stylist to aspiring models, vocalists, musicians, and local fashionistas. Because of her ability to change her look from day to day, she was nicknamed the Chameleon; thus creating Craze Chameleon Studio. A studio of vintage clothes from the 20’s – 60’s. At the Studio, Aisha creates masterpieces utilizing her creative eye and vintage pieces. “…through my original style and vintage apparel, I show people how to put it all together and create their own unique fashion statement.” Aisha Keys. Craze Chameleon Studio has carved out its own niche among vintage retailers by providing up to the minute fashion that looks as if it is off the runway today, but is an original garment from fashion past. Since opening in 1999, CCS has been one of D.C.’s vintage clothing resource and one of the most celebrated vintage destinations in the D.C. area; supplying clothes to many retailers in the metropolitan area like Kaur, Nana, Meeps, Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Reddz Trading and Mustard Seed. CCS has an incredible array of vintage clothing from cocktail dresses, furs, suits, designer garments, accessories for men and women, and household collectibles and furnishings. There is an exclusive collection of used and dead stock items at the studio. To make an appointment call 2022008892 or email crazechameleonstudio@gmail.com

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  1. Love your obsession with Willow Smith. She is a phenomenal young lady and true pop star.
    Delighted by your addiction to Artyce Custom Shoe Designs, a great find and resource to have. Thanks for sharing. Applauded your commitment to CCS and presenting at Eastern Market. Fascinated by VFJ’s Vintage Vixen of the Month – Betty Davis. Overall, as you have stated many times you’re the b—h to know, to be in the know.

    Peace and much continued success.

    – Allen Prince

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