My girl Wendy Williams will be on next seasons “Dancing With the Stars”.

Can’t wait to see her dance because she rhythmless like me….:) no joke!

Any who congrats to Wendy Williams. She has my vote.

In addition there is talk about her show going off the air.

Read the true story below.

Wendy Williams officially tossed her dancing shoes on the floor of Dancing with the Stars on Monday. Wednesday she shared on ‘Good Morning America’ the name of her professional partner Tony Dovolani. Even with all the positive news about the talk show host as a DWTS contestant, rumors continue that her show is being shut down so she can selfishly dance on a reality show.

Thursday on the live Livestream chat over her lunch hour, Wendy Williams cleared the air about the hiatus and shared exactly how it works in the entertainment business.

“The show goes on mandatory hiatus,” Wendy Williams told the 500 plus fans watching live. “It is different than radio and I am still getting used to it.”

According to the talk show host, the shutdown is for the staff and crew as well as the talent and it will be for two weeks. This decision is a scheduled event that was put on the calendar months ago and happens to every television show. While it normally maybe inconvenient for a work-o-holic like Williams, this hiatus is for the entire staff and not about the ‘Dancing’ opportunity.

“I will be dancing with Tony every day during the hiatus,” Williams stated bluntly. Obviously she will be working hard on her new endeavor to make the steps perfect so it isn’t a hiatus for her at all.

While hiatus breaks are common in the television business, there appears to be more than one scheduled for the Wendy Williams Show. The entertainer talked about the scheduled break in March and also mentioned a month off over the summer. Everyone deserves a vacation, so it is completely understandable.

So all those rumors about Wendy Williams shutting down her show for the opportunity to dancing on Dancing with the Stars are absolutely incorrect. Instead, the proper term would be entertainment industry requirement of a ‘hiatus’ and Williams isn’t being selfish either, she is just making the best of her time.

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Wendy Williams Show hiatus: Has nothing to do with ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – National Celebrity Headlines | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/celebrity-headlines-in-national/wendy-williams-show-hiatus-has-nothing-to-do-with-dancing-with-the-stars#ixzz1FbUSlTN3



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