China Sourcing Fair, Garments & Textiles, Dubai: 5/31-6/2

Western Apparel Markets, Canada: 5/30-6/1
Chicago Fabric & Trim: 5/26-27
Texprocess, Frankfurt: 5/24-27
Techtextil, Frankfurt: 5/24-26
International Jewelry Fair And General Merchandise Show, New Orleans: 5/21-24
Modaprima, Milan: 5/21-23
Aks Gem Show, Jacksonville: 5/20-22
Chibidue/Chibimart, Milan: 5/20-23
Asi Show, San Diego: 5/18-20
Luxe Pack, NYC: 5/18-19
Leshow International Leather And Fur Fair, Moscow: 5/17-19
Coast, Miami: 5/16-17
Surtex, NYC: 5/15-17
Start Your Fashion Company Workshops in NYC: 5/14-15
China Sport Show: 5/13-16
Footwear Materials Manufacturing & Technology FMM&T India: 5/12-14
Class, Hollywood: 5/12-13
TexTech Intl Expo, Indonesia: 5/12-15
CEMS Intl Yarn and Fabric Show, Jakarta: 5/12-15
International Jewelry Kobe, Japan: 5/11-13
Barcelona Bridal Week: 5/10-15
Threads Of Color Event, NYC: 5/9
Madrid Novias: 5/5-8
Moda, NYC: 5/4-6
Fame, NYC: 5/4-6
Accessories The Show, NYC: 5/4-6
Fashion 140 Conference: How Social Media Is Changing Business, NYC: 5/4
Nouveau Collective, NYC: 5/3-5
Dallas Mini Market: 5/2-3
Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Sydney: 5/2-6
Intermezzo Collections, NYC: 5/2-4
Accessorie Circuit, NYC: 5/2-4
Designers & Agents Show D & A, NYC: 5/2-4
Atelier Designers, NYC: 5/2-4
New York Accessories Market Week: 5/2-6
Modama, Guadalajara: 5/2-4
North American Fur & Fashion Exposition Naffem, Montreal: 5/1-3
International Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Show Ifjag: 5/1-1

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Aisha Keys

Craze Chameleon Studio, LLC




About crazechameleonstudio

Craze Chameleon Studio established in 1999 by founder Aisha Keys, a native Washingtonian, is one of the must vintage clothing collections in D.C. At the age of 23, her distinct fashion style turned the heads of many people on the streets of D.C., thus propelling her into a career as a personal shopper and fashion stylist to aspiring models, vocalists, musicians, and local fashionistas. Because of her ability to change her look from day to day, she was nicknamed the Chameleon; thus creating Craze Chameleon Studio. A studio of vintage clothes from the 20’s – 60’s. At the Studio, Aisha creates masterpieces utilizing her creative eye and vintage pieces. “…through my original style and vintage apparel, I show people how to put it all together and create their own unique fashion statement.” Aisha Keys. Craze Chameleon Studio has carved out its own niche among vintage retailers by providing up to the minute fashion that looks as if it is off the runway today, but is an original garment from fashion past. Since opening in 1999, CCS has been one of D.C.’s vintage clothing resource and one of the most celebrated vintage destinations in the D.C. area; supplying clothes to many retailers in the metropolitan area like Kaur, Nana, Meeps, Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Reddz Trading and Mustard Seed. CCS has an incredible array of vintage clothing from cocktail dresses, furs, suits, designer garments, accessories for men and women, and household collectibles and furnishings. There is an exclusive collection of used and dead stock items at the studio. To make an appointment call 2022008892 or email

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