Le Bustiere Boutique or Bust!


LBB1 The Naughty or Nice corner!

LBB2   IMG_0378 Killer body suits by Brooklyns own Erica M.


Lots of Hauty bodysuits and body stockings.

LBB7 A little piece of nostalgia with this high waist girdle with suspenders…wear with a bra or just let the girls breathe!


As I walk up to the top of Columbia Road I’m anxious to find this hidden treasure- Le Bustiere Boutique!

The question is  “why don’t I know about this boudoir palace, already”? Upon reaching my destination, I am in awe with the location, the luxe decor, boutique lay out, aromatherapy and more importantly the calm sultry Jamaican accent alongside pearly whites-that greet me come from the proud owner Stephanie.

“Aisha”, Stephanie says. “Yes, it’s me “, I say. Immediately compliments fly from both of us on style and grace.  She looks chic in her chunky knit sweater; complimented by a wide belt, leggings and knee high boots which elongated her petite frame- did I mention her perfect natural blonde coif (we all know I love blonde hair).


Fast forward Stephanie and I talk shop- She takes one look at my rack and says “You are a F cup, for sure. I can tell”! (although I’ve been wearing a DDD for months now and I have my favorite demi cut bra on today which is TOO damn SMALL). Stephanie does a bra fitting for me as only she can do so effortlessly- and yes I am a F cup. I tried on a few different bras which I wouldn’t ordinarily pick out for myself based on her recommendation- lots of lace and feminine accents. However, the fit and style of each of her selections for me are dead on. My favorite bra was a brand called Curvy Kate. I am impressed with her product knowledge on fit and body type; these attributes are a must in any specialty service. Stephanie has her hand on the pulse of her brand. After playing bra dress up- Stephanie and I sit down and chat about everything under the sun from bras to Mars- fashion, family, travel and self discovery. At this point I felt like we were old friends- after you see someones boobs on the first meet you are bonded for life. We chuckled- loudly about this.

After spending hours together- I had to rush off to my PT job (bartending). We ended our interview with a great big hug as if we had been acquainted for ages. She invited to her holiday party on the next evening. I attended along with one of my fashion icons, my Mommy.

Just as Stephanie has a warm and charming energy, she knows how to throw a kick-ass soiree. I had the pleasure of meeting her husband Glen (who reads my blog), a good friend Janet who played photographer and Jim the caterer (who was also the bartender and gracious hostess). It was definitely a family affair and I feel , I have gained a new family.

It’s important to dress from the inside out- and Le Bustiere Boutique is the place to start. Call for an appointment today or walk-in today and treat yourself to a luxury experience. I will be returning before Christmas to treat myself- And you should do the same.

Shop small. Shop women owned business. Shop Black. Shop local.

Q&A with Stephanie

Q:How did you get in the business of lingerie?

Stephanie: I was unfulfilled with working from home once I relocated to DC from Connecticut. I started out in health care but through my travels I became inspired by specialty shops abroad. My husband encouraged me to take on the leap of faith.

Q:Classic item every person should have (male and female)?

Stephanie: A teddy…this is a “no judgement zone”. On a more serious note a white shirt and or a nice pair of jeans.

Q:Who is your style icon?

Stephanie: Aesthetically, hands down Dorothy Dandridge. She is simply a classic beauty.

Q:Current obsession?

Stephanie: The Huffington post. I read it religiously.

Q:Favorite word?

Stephanie: Love.

Q:Least favorite word?

Stephanie: Hate.

Q:How do you relax?

Stephanie: I enjoy watching television alone and traveling.

Q:Best gift you ever received?

Stephanie: A TAG watch given to me by my husband on my 30th birthday. It’s chic fashionable and practical. I still wear it with almost everything.

Q:Guilty pleasure-

Stephanie: Watching anything on BravoTV and I also enjoy watching Sex with Sunny Megatron on Showtime (it’s great)

Specializing in European lingerie, bras, hosiery, post-mastectomy items, boudoir photography styling and private parties.  Le Bustiere Boutique 1744 Columbia Road, NW #2, Washington, DC , 20009
202-745-8080, www.LeBustiere.com,


About crazechameleonstudio

Craze Chameleon Studio established in 1999 by founder Aisha Keys, a native Washingtonian, is one of the must vintage clothing collections in D.C. At the age of 23, her distinct fashion style turned the heads of many people on the streets of D.C., thus propelling her into a career as a personal shopper and fashion stylist to aspiring models, vocalists, musicians, and local fashionistas. Because of her ability to change her look from day to day, she was nicknamed the Chameleon; thus creating Craze Chameleon Studio. A studio of vintage clothes from the 20’s – 60’s. At the Studio, Aisha creates masterpieces utilizing her creative eye and vintage pieces. “…through my original style and vintage apparel, I show people how to put it all together and create their own unique fashion statement.” Aisha Keys. Craze Chameleon Studio has carved out its own niche among vintage retailers by providing up to the minute fashion that looks as if it is off the runway today, but is an original garment from fashion past. Since opening in 1999, CCS has been one of D.C.’s vintage clothing resource and one of the most celebrated vintage destinations in the D.C. area; supplying clothes to many retailers in the metropolitan area like Kaur, Nana, Meeps, Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Reddz Trading and Mustard Seed. CCS has an incredible array of vintage clothing from cocktail dresses, furs, suits, designer garments, accessories for men and women, and household collectibles and furnishings. There is an exclusive collection of used and dead stock items at the studio. To make an appointment call 2022008892 or email crazechameleonstudio@gmail.com

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